We are introducing a new interactive app that allows for the virtual Tiffany to encourage, motivate and keep you on track with your workout in real time.

Tiffany can register your movements, monitor accuracy and keep you on track with your fitness goals. Enjoy being personally motivated by Tiffany. You can record your progress, calories burned and check your performance level. You can even take a picture and share it with Tiffany to make her proud. Connect your iDevice to your Apple-TV for a big screen, out-of-this-world experience!

App Screenshots

See yourself and get real-time feedback!

When using this app, you'll be able to see yourself, see Tiffany, and get real-time feedback from her, based on your moves! Here you won't be able to slack off! Tiffany will keep track of your accuracy and calories you burn.

Enter your weight to get accurate results!

The app uses your height and weight to calculate your BMI, and give you estimates of how many calories you burn while working out!

Keep on track with your goals

You can track your progress, by seeing how many calories you burn every workout!

Bonus round

Time to burst those bubbles! Have fun playing while working out!

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